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Christmas in Camelot

CHRISTMAS IN CAMELOT -  "Brenda Jernigan does what no other author has accomplished yet:  create a special place of honor for you at fabled Camelot's Christmas holiday celebration.  It's a fresh change of pace and picked number 1 in my book."

                            Julie Sturgeon
                            Pages Magazine

CHRISTMAS IN CAMELOT - "Ms. Jernigan writes her stories with a true flair for love and romance.  This story will be a welcome addition to your Christmas romance treasury.  If Brenda K. Jernigan's name is on the cover of a book, I guarantee it will be a good read."

                            Debbie Kepler
                            A Romance Review

CHRISTMAS IN CAMELOT - "Take one knight, Sir Nicholas who is convinced women have but one good use, on fair maiden, Lady Noelle, who has no wish to wed, a wager and a King's command, add the sweet spice of the Christmas holiday, stir with a jealous suitor or two, drizzle in a kidnapping, some secrets and then blend in a tournament for the lady's hand before simmering with passion and that is the recipe for and engaging story that might temp you away from Christmas shopping and give you a few hours of pleasure and Yule joy."

                            Kathe Robin
                            Romantic Times Magazine

CHRISTMAS IN CAMELOT - "WOW!  I have always loved the tales of magical Camelot . . . and they are all here!  The author, Brenda K. Jernigan, threw in an evil man (Prince Meleagant), some awesome secondary characters (to keep things lively), and the wondrous season of Christmas into the pot.  The result was a spicy stew that will keep readers fascinated until the last page has been savored!  High recommend!"

                            Detra Fitch
                            Huntress Book Reviews

"DANCE ON THE WIND is a tender love story with charming children, a feisty heroine, and a rugged hero.
Don't miss it!"
            Joan Johnston
            New York Times Bestselling Author
            Look for THE LONER

"A passionate, witty, delightful read . . . filled with snappy dialogue and great characters.  I couldn't put it down.  A definite keeper."
            Fiona Hood-Steward
            MIRA AUTHOR


"An awesome story with several obstacles for the two lovers to overcome!  Many twists and turns that held me riveted and unable to tear myself away from the story.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED."
                                                           ***** Detra Fitch
                                                                   HUNTRESS BOOK

"The utterly delightful and engaging characters, fast pace and charming romance, as well as the surprise twists, add something special to Brenda Jernigan's latest offering.  Readers will find this a quick and highly entertaining evening's read.  SENSUAL."
                        Kathe  Robin
                        Romantic Times                                         

"Ms. Jernigan takes an old plot and makes it fresh and exciting.  THE WICKED LADY is a dream maker and you will remember it long after you put it down."



"Ms. Jernigan plots an intricate tale of intrigue and patriotism, spiced with passion.  Her characters are interesting, her plot moves rapidly, her love scenes are steamy.  SENSUAL."

                                                                 Romantic Times

"Superb plotting and deft characterizations combine intrigue intrigue, adventure, and passion to make this a book to add to your mist have list."

                                                            ***** RG - Rendezvous  


"An Awesome tale!  Fast paced and so full of suspense I could not put it down!  Don't begin reading this one until you have plenty of time or you may find yourself forgetting all your plans so you can see what happens on the next page.  Highly recommended reading from an outstanding author!  EXCEPTIONAL."
                        Detra Fitch
                    HUNTRESS BOOK REVIEWS

"The powerful love between Elizabeth and Jonathan is a JOY TO BEHOLD and lifts Reader's Hearts." - SENSUAL

                        Romantic Times Magazine

"Ms. Jernigan's portrayal of Elizabeth and Jonathan drew me into their lives and made me really care what happened to them.  As usual her characters are interesting, her plot action packed, and her love story filled with conflict and emotion.  A great read from a talented writer.

                        Rendezvous Magazine